Dahle Accessories – An Overview

If you keep equitable bought a Dahle paper shredder,perhaps you’re illiterate that, in adjunct to creating top-notch officemachines, Dahle further manufactures accessories that can help you keepyour shredder in large condition – and dissuade your office frombecoming overwhelmed with paper waste.

Dahle Accessories – An Overview

If you’ve reasonable bought a Dahle paper shredder,perhaps you’re nescient that, in codicil to creating top-notch officemachines, Dahle furthermore manufactures accessories that can backing you keepyour shredder in sizeable condition – and prevent your office frombecoming overwhelmed with paper solitude From shredder bags to automaticoilers, Dahle has a immense citation of accessories that can make yourwork easier To find out fresh about these great products and how theycan support you out, interpret on

  • Bags and boxes Shredderbags make it easy to clean up and dispose of your shreds when yourmachine’s wastebasket gets too full Dahle shredder bags are gussetedso they’re able to ensue and nuzzle a maximum symbol of waste Thereare four types of these bags and the genus you select depends on thetype of shredder you own (For example, if you use a personal-sizedshredder, you would use that kindly of bag) Dahle gives you several bagswhen you buy your apparatus so you can attain shredding rectify away and nothave a immense mess to unpolluted up Also, Dahle shredder bags can be used inconjunction with the company’s corrugated waste boxes These boxes aredesigned to mortise perfectly inside your shredder’s cabinet for easystorage and disposal of wilderness
  • Shredder oil. Oilingyour shredder is the elite phenomenon you can do to posses your engine willstay up and running Performing this one crumb of concervation reduceswear and rend on your machine’s blades, and it can backing preventtime-consuming paper jams from occurring Depending on how often youuse your shredder, you should oil it anywhere from several times a dayto once a week. Dahle makes its own shredder oil that you can use withyour apparatus and it’s available in a pack of six 12-ounce bottles andfour one-gallon bottles (Note: Dahle recommends that you only useDahle oil with your shredder)
  • Automatic oiler. Ifyou use your paper shredder a heap and find that you’re oiling yourmachine frequently, an automatic oiler can be a nice mechanism to have Thisgadget can be attached to your shredder and provide it with continuouslubrication (It commit besides notch down on the character of case you spendmaintaining your machine.) The Dahle automatic oiler is available intwo sizes (1.5- and 4-liter) and it can be attached to many of thehigher-end Dahle shredders, such as professional-grade andhigh-security machines The oiler shuts off automatically when the oillevel is low, so you’ll notice when it’s occasion to fill it up again
  • The Shredder Performance Kit.If you want a immense container that has all the accessories you absence toget you started with your Dahle paper shredder, you might want to lookat the company’s Shredder Performance Kit This implements includes anautomatic oiler, four one-gallon jugs of shredder oil, and 100 shredderbags, all available in one convenient combination
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No issue what benign of Dahle paper shredder you have, there’s anaccessory that can either posses your engine in vast manipulate or offices youcontain the shreds that are produced when you abolish your documentsIf you obtain a Dahle paper shredder, be sure to examination out their shredderaccessories!